Comberton Village College Pop-Up Booking Form


Why are we using a booking system?

With the current situation, we want to create a safe environment and need to avoid the possibility of too many people attending at once. Booking time slots allows for a much smoother and consistent flow of people and although it has been put in place because of Covid-19, we hope that it will make for a much more relaxed experience for everybody.

Why are you putting restrictions on my party size?

We have a restriction on the total number of people for each time slot and want to ensure that as many pupils as possible can purchase and if necessary, try on uniform, whilst being in a safe environment.  

Why are you restricting the number of attendees per time slot?

As above, to create a safer environment and control the flow of people, whilst maintaining social distancing, it is important that we do not have too many people in the Hall at any one time.

Why are you insisting on face coverings?

We are following the current education sector guidelines on measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keeping everybody safe.

I do not have to book to visit a normal shop, why do I have to for uniform?

Because we are working alongside the school, we need to ensure we not only follow the guidelines set out for retail, but also those for educational settings.

Will there be hand sanitizers available?

Yes, we will have hand sanitizers available at various positions within the hall and encourage you to use them.

Will there be visible social distancing measures taken?

Yes, there will be a visible one-way system in place and social distance markings on the floor, particularly in areas you may need to queue.

Will there be a full range of the uniform there to try on and buy?

Yes, we will have full stock of uniform and everything will be available to purchase on the day.